"Your Brain at Work" by David Rock

This is an interesting look at the chemical reaction a person's brain goes through with various stimulus. The implications of what happens are critical to understanding why different sales approaches work or don't.

Key takeaways:

1. Brain power requires massive amounts of energy. We get fatigued. Our performance declines when we try to do several mental tasks at the same time. Implication is that you need to limit your messages. And big PowerPoint presentations can be very distracting. Prioritize your message.

2. The brain will focus better on a tight deadline. Implication is you need to Create a sense of urgency.

3. Action taken is a function of accessing the right levels of:

a. Norepinephrine. This is triggered when someone incurs fear. (Speak to a problem.)

b. Dopamine. This is triggered when we experience something new or unexpected. (Provide insight). Importantly, whereas dopamine levels go up with small surprises, they go down when expectations are not met. So manage expectations.

4. The brain wants to reduce stress. We do that when we have control. Give your client control. Speak in terms of YOU (the client).

5. Likeability. This principle is underscored by brain chemistry. We need others. We have social needs. When we connect with someone, the brain releases Oxytocin, which gives a sense of pleasure. This is why RAPPORT is so important.

6. Sense of Fairness. The brain wants to see a balanced approach. Very important. So show both sides of the argument.

Please feel free to comment on any of these recommendations and suggest other sources that might be helpful.

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