"Give and Take" by Adam Grant

Absolutely a must read for everyone. Adam is Professor of Management and Psychology at Wharton. He looks at the benefit of helping and connecting others. Better to give than take. My experience verifies that the most successful executives all have a common traits: They give of themselves to other causes and they use their networks to benefit others.

Adam divides people into 3 groups:

1) Givers….10%…. these are people who are driven by a desire to help others and create success for the group.

2) Takers…. 10%…..these people are self centered and focused on only what benefit they can get from others

3) Matchers…80%..classic quid pro quo types. I’ll help you if you help me…..

The research looks at how each type fares in their profession. Givers are the clear winners. Regardless of the industry (Finance/Entertainment/Medicine/Education etc.) Givers are 3-6x more successful.

Takers are next but a long way back. Matchers last.

What makes Givers so successful? They give without seeking anything in return. Generous of spirit. They offer up their networks to benefit all members of the network. But they don’t get run over or abused.

A world class CEO said to me after reading “Given and Take”, “ This might be the most important business book I’ve ever read. And I read them all.”

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