"To Sell is Human" by Daniel H. Pink

This is an excellent primer on what “selling” is in a post internet world. Daniel Pink, author of many books on Sales, looks at the process one needs to go through when price is not the competitive edge. I highly recommend this to all.

Selling is a part of everyone’s job. Regardless of industry. We are all selling.

- In a world where price and information are readily available, it will be service and honesty that win out. Buyers have to pick someone, why not you?

- Extroverts are NOT the best sales people. Nor are introverts. Somewhere in between (ambiverts . so described originally by Adam Grant) are the best. They LISTEN but aren’t afraid to try. Less talk.

- Attunement is the key. Meaning our ability to see things from the others perspective. More about what the other is thinking. (Importantly, what the other is feeling is a key component of EQ)

- Buoyancy. The ability to take rejection and make it positive or recover quickly. Keep the faith. If it didn’t work, ask “Can we fix it?”

- Clarity. This is a critical component today. The ability to interpret the information. CEB has studied this concept and written about it in their book CHALLENGER SELLING. Teaching the client something new gets the best results.

Instead of solving problems, identify or find them

- Make your pitch short and engaging. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, wants to hear you wax eloquent for 2 hours. Focus on their issues and make it short. TED talks are 18 minutes long for a reason: attention span.

- Make it personal and purposeful. Engage them as people

But you knew that.

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