"Magic Words" by Tim David

This book is another work that looks at the subconscious and non rational responses by the brain. Tim investigates how we react to seven specific words and how to use them effectively.

1) YES. This is the most important word. We all love hearing it. No, elicits a bad response. When you want someone to do something, get them to say YES. Getting them to say yes 2-3 times before you attempt to sell them something increases the success rate from 18 to 32%.

2) The person’s NAME. We all love hearing our name. You can hear it across a crowded room at a party. Use it appropriately. (The opposite, forgetting someone’s name, is a killer)

3) BUT. We know that it negates the preceding phrase and emphasizes what follows. We forget the former and remember the later. So, put bad news upfront, follow with your key message or good news.

4) BECAUSE. A famous study by Langer shows that people don’t need to know the specifics, they just want to know you have a rationale. It gets great results if you just interject it.

5) IF. If is a word that creates imagination. People respond to it because it tells a story. So, don’t tell someone to do something, suggest how they might feel, if……

6) HELP. Ask someone for help. This is part of Cialdini’s work with RECIPROCITY. When someone asks you for help, don’t you feel honored?

7) THANKS. Write a simple Thank you note. Whenever you receive one, you like it. A study of emails shows that people who sign off with Thanks get a much higher response rate.

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