"How Champions Think" by Dr.Bob Rotella

Dr. Bob is well known throughout the golfing world as the sports psychologist for the PGA tour. (Golf is really played in the space between the ears. Anybody can hit a stationary ball!!!) Bob has written many books about golf and the psychology of success.

This book is different. He looks at the common traits of champions in all walks of life: Business/entertainment/sports. The keys are:

1) Visualization: Seriously, go and visualize what success , your desired outcome will look like. It works.

2) Choose your opportunities. Not every hill is worth fighting over. Pick the right fights.

3) PREPARATION. No successful person has ever just stepped into it. They all work hard, do their homework. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

4) Be optimistic. See the right outcome. Avoid the negative.

5) Love what you do. That excitement spills over to your client.

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