"Neuromarketing" by Patrick Renvoise

This book takes a look at how the brain responds to sales stimuli. Essentially your brain reacts to things that grab the attention. How does one do it?

1) First , PREPARE. Active listening and uncovering client pain. Diagnose the pain.

2) Use pictures that show contrast.

3) Show proof of gain. Evidence that the problem will be solved.

4) Impact boosters. How does your audience learn? Visual (seeing)? Auditory (hearing)? Kinesthetic (doing)?

5) Create mini dramas: identify the pain

6) Use Rhetorical Questioning. Let them know that these are questions worth considering. What can we do?

7) Use PROPS. Make them memorable. Not just any old Pitch Book or Power Point. Move beyond that

8) Deal with objections by Validating their concern/step toward them/listen again/Restate it and supply your counter.

All in all a worthwhile review of how the selling process actually works.

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