"Granted" Newsletter, October 2017: by Adam Grant

In this month's "Granted" newsletter, Adam Grant brings us thought provoking articles about: the benefits of working from home, how opinions can be changed, and the Japanese concept for a fulfilling life. Click on each article title to read more. You can subscribe to the "Granted" newsletter here.

Granted October 2017:

Creative work doesn't happen at a steady pace. It comes in bursts—sprints that follow false starts, daydreams, and dead ends. These were some of my favorite sources of inspiration this past month:

1. Facts Don't Change People's Minds. Here's What Does To stay open-minded, separate your opinions from your identity. Who you are is about what you value, not what you believe. 2. Why Working from Home Should Be Standard Practice Employees randomly assigned to work from home were 13.5% more productive—and half as likely to quit. 3. Trying to Get Ahead? Plan in Reverse, Study Suggests Instead of planning steps from now to a difficult goal, plan backward from success. It makes the plan clearer and more motivating, and makes you more likely to achieve it. 4. Ikigai: A Japanese Concept to Improve Work and Life My new favorite word: ikigai. Here's what it looks like at work:

From My Desk:

5. Kristen Wiig Is Not Afraid to Fail If you want to keep learning, the moment you feel fully comfortable in a job is the moment it's time to find a new project. When I interviewed Kristen Wiig, she told me how to be funnier—and then told me not to try. 6. To Connect with Your Audience, Be Vulnerable Good communicators make themselves look smart. Great communicators make their audiences feel smart.

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