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Notes from RAISING CAPITAL: INVESTOR PITCH, LinkedIn Learning with Jessica Chen

This informative review of how to pitch to raise capital. Most of these points have been made many times before but she does a nice job of putting them in one spot. Worth a watch if you are out to raise $$$.

Her main points are:

  1. First impressions are everything. Know that the investor has seen so many of these and they want to see something different. They will be turned off quickly unless you address them properly

    1. Be positive. Smile. Neat and clean. Hopeful. High Energy.

    2. They are rooting for you.

    3. Know their business/investments/philosophy.

    4. Act like this is a relationship, not a transaction.

  2. Your product is the STAR OF THE SHOW.

    1. Address positive attributes/competitive advantages/uniqueness/patents/compare and contrast.

    2. Address negatives (get the elephant out of the room)

    3. History

    4. Do a demonstration. Let them touch it if possible.

  3. Business Model

    1. Sales?

    2. Margins?

    3. Earnings projections?

    4. Uses of capital?

  4. Introduce Team:

    1. Demonstrate that you like each other!

  5. Pitch your WHY?

    1. This is more than making $$.

    2. Find the motivation basis for the business.

    3. Investors want to see more than just greed.

  6. Presentation Skills

    1. Eye contact.

    2. Body language, be demonstrative

    3. Ask questions

    4. Read the room.

    5. Mirror their behavior

  7. Addressing Tough questions:

    1. Convey Confidence

    2. “ With your help we can…..”

    3. Pause…. Ask them ?s.

  8. Deck

    1. Keep It short as possible.

      1. Leaves more space for discussion

    2. Vision page

    3. What problem are you solving.

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