"How to Present to the C-Suite" Harvard Business Review


Using a recent experience of a two-day retreat for CEO's and senior executives at a Fortune 50 company, Global CEO coach Sabina Nawaz walks us through the potential pitfalls of presenting to C-suite executives. Her plan involves four potential traps and how to avoid them:

  1. An Idea Without Its Problem - create context for your ideas, first outlining the problem before presenting your solution.

  2. An Idea Without a Clear ROI - show how your idea will pay for itself and how it will grow in revenue with further growth.

  3. A Presentation Without Interaction - be sure to allot ample time to interact with questions and follow up (Sabina recommends leaving 50% of your time for questions).

  4. Data Without Attention to Detail - have accurate data at the ready for answers, and if you don't know the numbers, don't guess, use it as an opportunity for follow-up.

Go read the whole article for Sabina's full insight into presenting to C-suite executives. She has valuable insight into these simple potential traps that can be easily avoided so you can make a bigger impact when you get time in front of the top executives from your company.

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