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Helping Clients close more transactions
through better communication and preparation

Sales Consulting

Our clients want to have more success and make a bigger impact with their sales and communications.  Often, firms pitch for business with superior people and ideas, but still don’t win. Where are they going wrong?  


We stand back and think about how to help you make an impact with your delivery and messaging. What are you saying and how do you say it? We work with our clients on clarifying their sales process, coaching their teams and advise on live deals. Structuring your pitch for impact and how your team is organized may make all the difference. While we don’t have a magic wand, according to our clients, our track record of success is outstanding. Our clients include global asset management firms, hedge funds, investment banks, insurance companies, executive search firms, venture capital firms plus others. A 10% improvement means a lot to the bottom line.

Sales Consulting

Small group training

Working with groups of 4-5 persons, we look at how they present themselves and how they prepare for their relationships.  Prior to getting together, we gather information on them through interviews so we can quickly focus our efforts on a few meaningful changes.  In our sessions, we use video taping and peer review to provide  feedback and instill best practices. We also take time to work in individual sessions. We suggest follow up 1 on 1s, approximately 4-6 months later to determine what was retained.  Behavioral change does not happen with only one training session. 

Live Deal Advisory

Working with a deal team, we look at the pitch overall. What are the key messages? Are they clear? Does the material support the arguments? What preparation has been done on the relationship? Who manages the client interplay? We rehearse all statements and anticipated FAQs. The result is a cohesive, client-centric pitch that has a substantially higher probability of achieving business objectives.

While we cannot guarantee success, we have worked on many competitive transactions.  Our clients have won or achieved their goals 90% of the time. 

Individual Coaching

We work with individuals on presentations and business planning. The objectives are to get consistent messaging and focused commentary.

“We have worked extensively with Kevin with great success. He has helped our bankers improve their client interactions, both as individuals and as members of their teams. They are better prepared and focused on addressing our client’s concerns. In addition, he has helped us with specific pitches ensuring our teams are bringing their A game.  Kevin has been an integral part of enhancing our culture and developing our people”


CHRO U.S. Investment Bank

“ Kevin knows us well and his 30+ years in the markets has been invaluable. We used him when first launching to help us 'brand' our company in a consistent way when we meet clients. Each of our portfolio teams and client professionals have been tutored by him and we use him regularly.  We have had significant wins in competitive pitches with his help. He adds tremendous value and has contributed greatly to our growth.”

CEO $20B Credit Hedge Fund

"Our client facing teams and portfolio managers look at our relationships differently after working with Kevin. He understands us and what we are trying to accomplish with our clients. Critically, his background on Wall Street makes him immediately credible with all levels of our firm. Kevin has had a measurable impact, not only on our growth in assets and client relationships, but on the firm's overall culture.  We look at our client engagement differently."

Head of Client Relationships, Global Asset Management Firm



About Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is the CEO of KellysRun Consulting.  He has 30+ years of experience in banking, finance and sales. He was Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns and UBS where he oversaw a variety of fixed income sales forces covering a wide range of products, including credit, international bonds, and derivatives. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for training and developing sales people and overseeing client relationships.  He has been a coach/trainer to many of the world’s largest financial services firms since 2013, helping asset managers, investment bankers, executive recruiters, hedge funds and others.  He has advised on both training programs and, importantly, deal specific advisory where his clients have an excellent track record of winning business.


Kevin is one of the founders of the Elon University Chandler Center for Sales. Kevin has an MBA in International Finance from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a BA from New England College. In 2019,  Kevin completed an executive program at Yale University on Behavioral Economics.

10% of KellysRun revenues are donated to charity. 


Our Clients Include:


Recommended Readings

Here you will find book reviews as well as recommended sources of knowledge online. 

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