Adam Grant, author of "Give and Take"

Adam is the most sought after professor at Wharton. His focus is on EQ, Management and management psychology. He is the best selling author of a number of books and is one of the best speakers on the circuit. I highly recommend adding Adam to your LinkedIn contacts. He regularly writes articles on LinkedIn that provide insight and make you think. I also encourage you to sign up to receive his monthly email newsletter, GRANTED (click here to sign up).

In his monthly newsletter, Adam shares his thoughts on recent articles he has been reading and answers questions from his readers.

Here is an excerpt from his September 2017 Granted newsletter (the full newsletter can be found here) :

Life is full of contradictory ideas. Instead of asking which one is true, we should ask when each one is true.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite recent finds:

1. Science of Storytelling

Here's a statistic worth remembering: 63% of people recalled a story from a presentation, but only 5% recalled a statistic.

2. Switching Careers Doesn't Have to Be Hard

The jobs that are hardest to automate rely on critical thinking and communication skills. We need better education and apprenticeship programs to develop those skills.

3. The Power of Anti-Goals

When you set goals, you should also set anti-goals: things you want to make sure you don't achieve. A good place to start: map out what your worst workday looks like.

4. Can Playing Board Games Make You a Nicer Person?

In college, instead of having parties, my roommates and I hosted board game nights. They're my favorite way to practice the lost arts of fairness, critical thinking, and friendly competition. (Except Monopoly, which always seems to end with someone throwing hotels across the room.) ....

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